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Basic rules before requesting for HELP!

Need help to solve your problems or finding difficulties to search any post? Share your issue here. You can post requests too.

Basic rules before requesting for HELP!

Postby Admin » Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:52 am

We mostly use Helpdesk;
if we're in need of anything important. But, make sure to adhere to below things before you post request or getting help.

  • Before you request for help, you need to have at least a minimum of one or more own topics posted.
  • Also, note that you have search engines such like Google, Yahoo!.. ect; give it a try first, before you post here.
  • If any difficulties to find the answer by searching on our board, then you may proceed with you query. But, make sure to post the topic title appropriately.
    A bad example of a topic title would be "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!" or "I don't know how to do this", etc.
    A good example of a topic title would be "My router has port forwarding problems," or "How do you use FTP."

  • Don't just bump your topic if it hasn't been replied yet (normally if your question hasn't been answered it'll most likely be a question that we cannot answer).
  • Be patient while requesting, sometimes it might take a while for someone to reply or help you out.
  • Make sure to provide information accurately and understandable as much as you can while making the request.

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