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Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 All Editions 15.7.27703.2000

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 All Editions 15.7.27703.2000

Postby .Rox. » Sun May 13, 2018 4:39 am


Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 All Editions 15.7.27703.2000 | 37.7 GB


Visual Studio 2017 is an integrated integrated solution for groups of any size with high demands on quality and scale. Use the full set of tools and services for developing, building complex enterprise applications and managing them.

Corporate methods of development and operations:
· Rapid development of high-quality software
Flexible tools, optimized for enterprise-scale projects, help to manage the work on several projects and groups in a simple and understandable in use environment. The capabilities of DevOps in Visual Studio 2017 include the automation of release and continuous deployment processes. Reduce the cycle between production and development after deployment, and correct mistakes more quickly, with valuable information and data written directly in the production environments.

Creating first-class mobile applications:
· Deliver enterprise-class applications
Visual Studio Enterprise includes Xamarin, which allows you to develop applications for Android, iOS and Windows. Create applications with the performance of the machine code and the built-in user interface of these platforms with the help of corporate-level tools. Optimize application performance with detailed profiling data and examine them in the runtime for quick error-checking. Check out the interaction with users on real devices in the Xamarin test cloud, and then distribute your applications to beta testers inside the company or directly to the application store.

No more irreproducible errors:
· Go back using the .NET code execution log.
One of the common problems with developers is that the code runs on the computer where it was created, but does not work in a test or production environment. Sometimes it takes hours to diagnose such errors - you view the source code, compare the environment, and at random add breakpoints. Using the Visual Studio Enterprise diagnostic tools, such as IntelliTrace, you can view the code execution log in different environments and go to the scanned data in the past without specifying breakpoints manually. This will save a lot of time, which you can spend more productively.

High quality code:
· Unit testing - now faster and easier
Use IntelliTest to quickly automatically generate appropriate unit tests for your code. IntelliTest allows you to significantly reduce efforts when creating unit tests for new or existing code, which allows you to pay more attention to creating functions. Easily create sets of unit tests for obsolete code that has never been considered before, and with minimal effort, increase the coverage of paths and the quality of the code.

Complexity management:
· Easily conquer even the biggest solutions
Use innovative modeling tools and create high-quality mission-critical software that is the core of your business. Easily manage dependencies and even the largest code bases with code mapping and architecture detection tools. Use advanced monitoring and debugging tools to identify, classify and fix problems in complex applications faster than ever.

Unlimited load testing:
· Understand what your application is capable of, before deploying
Visual Studio simplifies the integration of load testing into the development process and helps avoid dangerous surprises in the production environment. The reason for these surprises may be distribution around the world, the scale of the customer base, or problems that occur only after many days of execution cycles - load testing Visual Studio will provide analytical data to resolve these problems before deployment.

DevOps for databases:
· Distributing DevOps processes to SQL Server databases
The Redgate data tools are now included in Visual Studio Enterprise. With ReadyRoll Core, you can develop, create versions and securely automate the deployment of database changes along with application changes. Redgate SQL Prompt Core helps you easily develop SQL code in Visual Studio. Improve performance by using auto-complete database objects, system objects, and keywords, and get column suggestions as you type.

Advantages of the subscription:
· Includes everything the developer needs
With the subscription of Visual Studio Enterprise, you will have access to continuing education and its benefits, including full access to Pluralsight, as well as up-to-date information on the latest technologies. In addition, with the included development and testing software, technical support, and the benefits of Azure, you can configure cloud environments for free and experiment with the latest products and cloud services from Microsoft. The maximum possibilities for the developer!

System requirements:

Visual Studio 2017 can be installed and run on the following operating systems:
• Windows 10 version 1507 or higher: Home, Professional, for educational institutions and Corporate (release with long-term maintenance is not supported)
• Windows Server 2016: Standard and Datacenter
• Windows 8.1 (with update 2919355): Basic, Professional and Corporate
• Windows Server 2012 R2 (with update 2919355): Essentials, Standard, Datacenter
• Windows 7 SP1 (with the latest Windows updates): Home Extended, Professional, Enterprise, Maximum. To install Visual Studio, you need the .NET Framework 4.5. Visual Studio requires .NET Framework 4.6.1, which will be installed during the installation.
• Release of Windows 10 Enterprise with long-term maintenance is not supported for development. You can use Visual Studio 2017 to build applications running on Windows 10 with long-term maintenance.
• Internet-related scenarios require Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge. Some functions may not work if you do not install these or later versions.
• To support the emulator requires Windows 8.1 Professional or Enterprise (x64). It also requires a processor that supports Hyper-V client and second-level address translation (SLAT).
• Windows 10 is required to develop universal applications for Windows, including design, editing, and debugging. Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012 R2 can be used to create generic Windows applications from the command line.
• The Office Foundation Server 2017 integration installer with Office requires Office 2016, Office 2013, or Office 2010.
• Xamarin.Android requires a 64-bit edition of Windows and a 64-bit edition of the Java Development Kit (JDK) package.
• To install the workloads "Develop mobile applications in C ++, javascript or .NET" in Windows 7 with SP1, PowerShell 3.0 or later is required.

• A processor with a clock speed of at least 1.8 GHz. It is recommended to use at least a dual-core processor.
• 2 GB of RAM; recommended 4 GB of RAM (minimum 2.5 GB when running on a virtual machine)
• Hard disk space: 1 GB to 80 GB, depending on the components installed.
• Video adapter with a minimum resolution of 720p (1280 by 720 pixels); for optimal performance of Visual Studio, WXGA resolution (1366 by 768 pixels) or higher is recommended.

About the file:
Version of the program: 15.7.27703.2000 (15.7.1)
Editions: Enterprise / Professional / Test Professional / Community / Team Explorer
Activation | reg code: Included (key)
Interface Language: English / English
File format: iso | rar
Platform / OS: Windows 10 version 1507 or higher: Home, Professional, Education, and Enterprise (LTSB is not supported); Windows Server 2016: Standard and Datacenter
Windows 8.1 (with Update 2919355): Basic, Professional, and Enterprise; Windows Server 2012 R2 (with Update 2919355): Essentials, Standard, Datacenter; Windows 7 SP1 (with latest Windows Updates): Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate

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